Sales Manager for Northeast China and Shandong Province
Mr. Zhang: 13702207657

Sales Manager for Huabei and Southwest China
Mr. Zeng: 13702207000

Sales Manager for Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian, Chaozhou and Shantou
Mr. Deng: 13702207569

Sales Manager for Middle of China and Zhejiang & Anhui Province
Mr. Xu: 13702201587

Sales Manager for Shanghai City
Mr. Guo: 13816946878

Sales Manager for Pearl River Delta
Mr. Tan 13702593763

Sales Manager for Jiangmen and West of Guangdong Province
Mr. Liang: 13827006086
Your present position > Service > Service Tenet and Promise
Service Tenet:
Worry about what customer worries about and think about what customer thinks about.
Service Promise:
1. Tengfei offers free repair service for customers with the quality warranty card.
2. The following cases are not for free require service:
Defects caused by misuse of customer.
Damage caused by customer when disassembly of the products.
Don't have quality warranty card or the item No. is wrong.
Damage caused by force majeure.
The quality warranty card is expired.
3. In the above cases, Tengfei charges for parts and relevant services.
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