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1. Since the development of boiling water boiler in 1987, Tengfei has been leading in the field of electric water boiler. It has 10 patented technologies. Besides boiling water boiler, boiling water dispenser, coffee dispenser, IC card water boiler for schools and IC card cold drinking dispenser for schools, Tengfei keeps making new products to cater for different requirements from customers. Recently, Tengfei has developed micro-computer high-speed electric water boiler which is intelligently controlled and boiled layer-to-layer. In 2002, Tengfei was honored as Private Technical Enterprise by Guangdong Provincial Science & Technology Bureau. In 2005, it was awarded as delegate of the electric water boiler manufactures and it was responsible for draft of criterion for the electric water boiler.
2. Boiling water boiler and boiling water dispenser have got the national patent. Since its registration 20 years ago, Tengfei has been a high-grade brand of water boiler.
3. Tengfei employs the famous water treatment expert and State Department special allowance expert Mr. Li Zhongqin as the senior technical adviser.
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